I am ANASTASIA DOMINGO , spanish painter and photographer . The website shows a selection of the latest exhibitions and works. I am very proud of the exhibition in CHICAGO / curated by international artist SERGIO GOMEZ / AND YANINA GOMEZ / OWNERS OF 33 CONTEMPORY GALLERY / ZHOU B. ART CENTER / PARIS / LOUVRE MUSEUM / NEW YORK / TIMES SQUARE / MIAMI / SCOPE / , organized by SEE.ME GALLERY / and BARCELONA / by the Artist and Event organizer / EVA CUNILL PEREZ / ART CIRCUIT / Owner / founder in the news of ART ABARTIUM GALLERY , exhibition center for national and international artists.

The PARIS EXHIBITION was absolutely spectacular.. MY ralationship with CAELUM GALLERY / 526 WEST 26 TH STREET SUITE 315 / CHELSEA / NEW YORK , NY , is enrriching and honest , the five shows performed in chelsea are a unique experience . I must thank MIZUSU TAKEMOTO / NICHOLAS BERGMAN / ART DIRECTORS / OWNERS / to giving me the first oportunity to exhibit in New York . The exhibitions of MADRID I have reviwed those made in CIRCLE OF FINE ARTS / Marques de Casa Riera SN / in the WORKSHOP OF CURRENT ART . The workshop were directed by INTERNATIONAL ARTIST ,and the ralationship , exposure were absolutely creative and spectacular . PELLO IRAZU , JOSE GUERRERO , MANOLO VALDES , DARIO VILLALBA , JIRI GEORG DOKOUPIL , ANTONI MIRALDA Y GLORIA GARCIA LORCA , niece of the spanish poet FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA , are another unique experience . I learnt a lot from them , specially PELLO IRAZU , BASQUE INTERNATIONAL SCULPTUOR and representative of the most current of the basque and spanish sculpture . A wonderfull artist and man.