group exhibitions & EVENTS


Our Group exhibitions exclusively feature our international roster of represented artists. The exhibitions are custom curated and often feature satellite events and artists talks, allowing the artists exhibiting to fully connect with the viewers and audience. 


Our seasonal pop-up shows and exhibitions are global events featuring a diverse range of international and national artists seeking exposure to the New York art market.


Our philosophies and approach includes a commitment to international auction and commerical platforms. While supporting the creative and curatorial side of artist management we also champion the sales and corporate potential of our clients. Unlike most sales networks and forums, the collection is curated specifically to showcase a high and selective level and range of art and artists whose work is suitable for art auction, leasing and licensing opportunities. We provide a source for art collectors in search of the ideal work, that is both suitable for their tastes, but also a viable investment in both emerging and established art. 


With daily portfolio submissions and applications art productions has now utilized this interest and enthusiasm from the art community to create dynamic art competitions. These annual event offers the extensive knowledge and expertise of our staff to select new talent for great oppurtunities in the New York art market that will benefit the artists exposure -promoting their work and advancing their careers. We are devoted to the promoting and sale of their creative brilliance. 


Our Art Fair projects & exhibitions provide a multi-sensory art experience; placing the directly in front of the collector, viewer and pivotal art industry audience.

​​​From Scope, Art Beijing, Art Basel week Miami, ART EXPO, AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, AIPAD, ART MONACO, VOLTA film festivals RED DOT & many other cultural events our we seek to showcase both established and emerging artists. 

featured/solo artist showcasE


​Featured artist and solo show projects provide artists who have participated in our other projects a new platform and venue in which to focus on their own visual conversation and legacy. Featuring and exposure your work with curated prominence, our solo project show the art industry the scope of the artists potential. Our solo projects have previously resulted in commercial gallery show opportunities & the sale of work, invitations to participate in biennials and exhibitions at international art fairs and events.


By connecting our artists with exciting opportunities such as artist residencies we create a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists are linked directly with critics, curators, galleries, collectors, and enthusiasts. Our partnerships allow the best in emerging art from around the globe to advance and evolve not only the creative practice but the buisness and branding of their art


Our personalized studio showcases and portfolio advisory service gives you access to your own expert curator, and all their experience and knowledge. The Art Production NYC experts will help artists find the perfect selection situation to showcase their lasts body of artworks- and as with all our projects the venue, team, marketing and promo is always handpicked and custom to your needs and vision.