Was born in Porto, Portugal with that ability to draw since a young age. However my career was made in another way- I was a teacher of English for 35 years. During this time I attended two masters' studios and learned to paint mostly in oils. Now that I retired from teaching English, I started to paint regularly, always learning every day either with other artists, either by myself with the help of great practice. Painting is a passion and a way to communicate my feelings and my personality which for many reasons is hidden inside my heart.

Art for me is LIfe. Since an early age I knew i wanted to follow a career in Arts, but Life changed my plans and I became a teacher of English for 35 years. More or less at the same time I entered two Art studios and learned the painting techniques. In 1987 my first solo exhibition took place in the city where I live.

Exhibited my artworks all around Portugal since then until this year 2017 where my ultimate exhibition (the 22nd one) is taking place also in Ermesinde. It's called MY Loves and it will be on display until 3rd September at Forum Cultural de Ermesinde. I feel a blessed person for being able to communicate with the world through my paintings and share my artwork with so many foreign artists. Lets us colour the world with happy colours.