Lawrence Davis

Our world and most of us in it are operating at a fast paced and breakneck speed. This seems only to increase year by year. Qualities of life valued in bygone eras seem to have been lost. Our world has become an impersonal one; indeed one which has become a throw-away society. The pride achieved by working hard with one's hands to build a stone structure, or a picket fence, or a barn; to craft a life with the sweat of one's brow; to see and feel the barren snow swept meadow as its winter winds envelope the country farm, to feel the chill of a moon drenched winter night, to gain an appreciation of the timeless things, the beauty of mother nature given to us by God; old things, the things of one's life - to be passed down generation-by-generation.


I strive to capture appreciation of these things and these qualities in my paintings. These seemingly mundane things have the capacity to show us our common heritage and our common experience. Lives are lived, history is told, and experiences are sought through them, affording us all the chance to improve and further our relationships with our fellow man.

  - Lawrence J. Davis