"Photographing means to let your heart be known, to unveil its emotions at a sunset, the majesty of a summit, the waves of the sea, the splendor of the flowers, the animal tenderness, the virtuosity of the art cities."


"Photographing means sharing emotions with people, having fun, having fun in simplicity and harmony." Stefania Grass. Biologist, a specialist in Microbiology (unnecessarily), currently a precarious teacher with fixed-term contracts, a lover of nature, animals, the constant and unstoppable pursuit of Romanticism, fleeing from the tormented everyday banality, monotony, boredom and loneliness. From the compact Fuji Finepix A900 that gave her the first hits she went to the Nikon D3000 with 18-55, 55-200 and 70-300 reflexes. Clearly with a big corner reflex is all a lot easier, please do not tell me that I'm getting better because the compact are great equipment and they figure it out. It was only a matter of device but working for free before was difficult to buy a reflex. It now also has the Nikon D5100 with which it won the October cover of the month MArkos with Lake Cervinia Blue in Autumn The favorite places for photographic shots are Cervinia and Venice. Lovers of Baroque and