Using the images of paintings from the British industrial revolution in 18th century, I have traced

paintings by old masters including J.M.W Turner’s, George Stubbs’, and Joseph Wright of

Derby’s. Inspired by methods of William Kentridge, I have created a short stop-motion animation

with hand-traced drawing sequences. My recent work reflects on the current chaotic political

situation as a consequence of the EU referendum and Brexit. Using the graphic language of

painting and the moving image, I refer to ideas of the present in history, tradition, visual aesthetics

and Britishness as values of a past era that was itself connected with the ideas of progress and

success of modern times.

For this series of paintings, the diamonds are also the final outcomes from constant

religious practices, as well as the unbreakable seeds of God. We are the creatures of

God, need no condition to be happy because already created perfect. But they are our

thoughts and desires make us think that we need more and never feel enough. For this

works, I have created human figures onto the images of multiple diamonds to remind

the viewers an eternal presence of the divinity within ourselves. I sometimes see

myself and others victorious in life and even become so powerful by accepting the

divine both within and from the above. Being with God and working with God results spectacular! I truly appreciated that I can express my experiences and messages very clearly and this becomes more meaningful to share with others.

Since my first art college, I have been always fascinated by Wassily Kandinsky’s style, his way of using primary colors followed by a unique combination of the geometric shapes. Also, Italian artist, Francesco Clementé’s pure and subliminal approach to art has been another good influence

to my art. Later on, I tried to take more challenges creating abstract figures reflected on significant historical evidences. For example, I started a oil paintings series which have been inspired by one of my Korean ancestors, the third prince of the second emperor of Song dynasty in China. In fact, his family had immigrated to BaeChun in Korea in 979, about 999 years before my birth. I was irresistibly attracted and excited to their courage and promise moving in a new territory. For its similarity of my current social life in Vancouver as a martial artist leader, I found myself easily involved as if I were a reincarnation of the prince. Completing this series, I was satisfied to re- define my honorable identity, and I was able to find a new spiritual connection and mutual respect with my legendary ancestors. This awakening experience was like witnessing the dawn followed by so many neon light beams breaking the darkness through. Each piece took me about three weeks to complete and there have been no extraordinary medium or tools used in the process.

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