Wei Yan was born in Beijing, China. After having completed his bachelor of arts degree at Beijing Capital Normal University (which focuses on the Fine Arts department), he studied at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. His works have been collected from North America, Europe, and China, and he also has won many professional art awards. He is currently the vice chairman of the Chinese Overseas Artists Association, a member of the Portrait Society of America, and a member of Portrait Society of Canada. His art works are represented by different art galleries across Toronto , Ontario.

My art is influenced by a combination of both Eastern and Western culture. 

My paintings mainly focus on the splash the mixed paint technique gives. 

The splash expresses my own meaning of life and my style of painting gives me a sense of freedom as the splashes of the ink and paint go in unexpected ways. 

This links my style of painting to my subconscious , a kind of always present flow of beauty. 

Using the mixed mediums to capture the eternal moment of nature beauty, in my opinion it represents the original state of the universe and the beginning of the world in its fantastical and unique form.

I go beyond my way to uncover the symbolism of each figure of beauty I paint, in an attempt to give a narrative of either life, tradition, modernity, culture or value.